Your jewelry tailor

EROSE is an established high jewelry manufacturer, diamond and precious stones trader. EROSE is the right partner for your custom jewelry demands. Thanks to our extensive experience with high quality stones and jewelry, we are able to materialize your demands for luxury jewelry.

About us

EROSE limited is a joint venture between Belgium and China, headquartered in Antwerp, with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Shanghai Diamond Exchange and the first high-end EROSE club in Shanghai Lujiazui Financial Center.

EROSE selects the most precious gemstones from all over the world. With a professional team of international designers, EROSE can design your jewelry according to your style.      

Thank you for approaching EROSE. Every piece of our production conveys our sincere wishes to you and your family.


ANTWERP head office

EROSE headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium, is located in the heart of the Belgian Diamond Trading Center. The Antwerp Cut is famous all over the world.

HONG KONG office

At present, Hong-Kong is the second most active diamond trade centre in the world. With the increase growing global demand for luxury goods by our clients, our Hong-Kong office represents a vital logistics connection.


Our Shanghai showroom is in the heart of Pudong business area, near the Huangpu river and the Shanghai World Financial Center with its’ iconic skyscrapers.


Gem treatments - Irradiation
Irradiation – exposure of a gem to an artificial source of radiation to change its color. This is sometimes followed…
Gem treatments - Impregnation
Impregnation – the surface of a porous gemstone is permeated with a polymer, wax or plastic to give it greater durability…