Precious stones trading

EROSE group was initially set up as a wholesale diamond trading company with focus on top quality polished diamonds. This line of business still represents an important part of EROSE group activities and enables us to access the top-quality goods, used in our jewelry products. With the increase of diamond trading, our focus shifted in the direction of retail business, where we supply our goods to our international retail client base.

At present our precious stones trading activities are divided into the wholesale as well as retail segment. Being a wholesale trader enables us to provide our clients with very favourable precious stones retail prices.

Jewelry design & production

Opening our diamond retail business naturally lead to fulfilling our client demands for custom diamond jewelry designs. Thanks to our long-term presence in the diamond industry, we managed to develop a vast network of connections within the high jewelry design and production industry. Supplying diamonds to some of the most jewelry producers, we were able to experience the quality standards of their craftsmanship.

This enabled us to select the designers and producers that we considered qualified enough to become our cooperation partners. Every EROSE jewelry designer and producer has been carefully selected, tested and approved by EROSE in order to meet our high quality and aesthetics requirements.

Currently, EROSE cooperates with other tested and high jewelry producers, most of which are also producing jewelry for the most renowned international brands.

In house designers

Below, you can find information on some of EROSE jewelry designers

Yves LemayYves Lemay

Born in a country of icy winters and warm hearted people, a passion for fine armors brought Mr. Lemay to the Montréal school of jewellery in which he started practicing techniques that were meant to make it possible to design and create some the most intricate and beautiful armors in the world.

During an internship in the best and most respected jewellery company in Canada, Henry Birks & Sons, he got noticed by then chef datelier Monsieur Alain Marcel for his sure hands and raw talent. After being employed as a polisher by Birks, Mr. Lemay opened his own fine jewelry atelier in vibrant Shanghai, where he made hundreds of clients engagement and wedding jewelry among others, and consulted with some of the most respected companies in the world of luxury, like Piaget.

In 2009 Mr. Lemay has also started teaching the craft of designing and creating jewelery, taking his students to a professional level. As for today, his dream of fine armor design and creations still lives on

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